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April Saturday 22, 2017 at 14:35
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On April 12 ,as the Sun was blocked by the disk of Saturn theCassini spacecraft camera looked toward the inner Solar Systemand the gas giant's backlit rings .At the top of the mosaicked view is the A ring with itsbroader Encke and narrower Keeler gaps visible.At the bottom is the F ring, bright due to the viewing geometry. The point of light between the rings is Earth , 1.4 billionkilometers in the distance. Lookcarefully and you can even spot Earth's large moon ,a pinprick of light to the planet's left.Today Cassini makes its final close approach toSaturn's own large moon Titan, using Titan's gravity to swinginto the spacecraft's Grand Finale, thefinal set of orbits that will bring Cassini just insideSaturn's rings .

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